Driving tips

Crucial highway skills every driver should develop

A crucial skill that every driver should develop is maintaining proper vehicle positioning and lane discipline. Being aware of your surroundings and understanding how to effectively control your vehicle on the highway is essential for safe driving. One important aspect…

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Choose wisely: the importance of blind spot checks in defensive driving

When we take the wheel, our safety and that of others largely depend on our ability to drive defensively. An essential component of this approach is checking blind spots, a practice often overlooked but crucial for avoiding accidents. Proper Techniques…

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Why pedestrian awareness weeks are necessary for road safety

Pedestrian awareness weeks have become a crucial measure to ensure road safety and reduce accidents in many countries around the world. These annual campaigns aim to raise awareness among drivers, pedestrians, and relevant authorities about the issues related to walking…

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When and how to achieve optimal fuel usage: practical strategies

Basic driver skills are essential for achieving optimal fuel usage. By practicing efficient driving techniques and making informed decisions about vehicle maintenance, fuel type, load, weight, and route selection, drivers can maximize their fuel efficiency and minimize their environmental impact….

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